The Ray's of Summer

By Tiffany Detweiler - Monday, July 25, 2011

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"To see the Summer Sky
Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie --
True Poems flee" -- 
Emily Dickinson 

Just when I start to fully settle into all things that are related to summer it seems the season is coming to a close. Last week James and I decided it would be fun to buy a sprinkler for the kids to run through and play in the yard with! We were shocked and a bit dismayed to see all the summery aisles at the store had been replaced with back to school note books and lunch boxes! I'm all for being prepared for school but the middle of July is not when I want to be thinking about backpacks, pencils and calculators! Its hot as the surface of the sun in some parts of the country (here on the East Coast we dealt with temps in the 100's with 80% humidity) and all I can think of is drinking ice tea while sitting under a sprinkler being showered with cold water! We ended up finding a cheap little sprinkler at a different store but the whole ordeal got me thinking about how fleeting summer always seems!
Summer is my favorite time of year, always has been! I love the warm sunshine (although I'm not a fan of the high heat+humidity this year), the fun outdoor activities like drive-in movies, going to the beach, picnics in the shade, farmers markets and don't even get me started on the summer fashions (I'm all about sandals and sundresses)! For me, summer never seems to last long enough and although the stores are no longer selling sprinklers or beach balls I refuse to think of backpacks and calculators till the last ray's of summer shine... AKA, September!

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