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Staying Warm

First, I just have to say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments! Its been so much fun seeing everyone's outfits and coming across new blogs! You ladies are all so fabulous and I'm excited to see so many participating! Second, boy its been cold here! Sitting nice and toasty at 54 degrees (said sarcastically)! No warm afternoons this week and I guess we are supposed to get rain again this weekend! I'm doing my best to stay nice and warm with large quantities of hot tea and sweaters though. This outfit despite me wearing a skirt is actually really cozy!

Copyright 2010 TiffanyAnn.

Copyright 2010 TiffanyAnn.

Copyright 2010 TiffanyAnn.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Tee: Target
Skirt: JCPenney's
Sweater Tights: Target
Slouch Knit boots: Target
Scarf: Loving made for me by my good friend Amanda!


DaisyJo said...

SUCHACUTE Cardie! I like how it brings out more of the blue tones in the skirt.

Mandy said...

That scarf is incredible! You look so pretty!

E said...

I love the mix of textures and patterns. Love, love, love the skirt.

Laura said...

It's pretty warm this afternoon. At least that's what I consider a sunny 64. :) If every day could be like this week, I'd be a happy camper!!

I love these colors. Purple, pink, and red are my favorite things to wear. My favorite part is the tights. :)

Janie said...

Love our outfit! This is exactly why I need your expertise here to help me with what to wear:)

Bevin @ said...

These photos are so pretty! And I love the boots!
♥/Bevin @All is Bright

Harmony said...

OH my goodness Tiffany you look so so so SO cute!! I love everything! It works so perfectly together. ;D

Lydia Marie said...

That does look cozy! I love the grey tights.


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