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By Tiffany Detweiler - Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Okay, so at this point you all probably know of or have at least heard of Pinterest. I decided to reserve judgment till I figured the whole thing out and had successfully immersed myself into the world of "Pinning". Now that I've been "Pinning" for awhile I can safely say that Pinterest is basically crack for someone like me, and by "someone like me" I mean an individual who is easily distracted by pretty shiny things!

Here is a screen shot of Pinterest,

Lots of Pretty pictures! Essentially, if you are browsing around online and see something you love (like an outfit, home decor, yummy food...whatever) you can "pin" the images to your various inspiration boards. Basically its the modern version of cutting images out of a magazine and pinning them to a cork board! That may not seem very addicting, but trust me, Its SO easy to get sucked into all the DIY inspiration, fashion ideas, photography and art! Seriously, its super addicting because its ALL about the images and, well, I get distracted by all the awesome!

Truthfully though, it is awesome, when used wisely! Thanks to pinterest I have learned...



Not to mention all the funny illustrations and comics...

The fact of the matter is, there are A LOT of creative people out there and Pinterest has made it super easy to share all that creativity! The site is simple enough, its just looking at pictures and that is what I call "user friendly"!

But don't worry, if your like me and are easily distracted by all the pretty pictures and find yourself neglecting work, family and friends for Pinterest, I have setup a "Pinterest-aholics Support Group" we can help and support one another with our pinning addiction!

I'll let you know where and when just as soon as I'm done pinning this recipe and summer outfit inspiration ;-)

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