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Love and Candy

It’s commercialized, its cheesy and there is an abundance of pink but I have to admit I love Valentines Day! I love that there is a whole day dedicated to romance and chocolate! I also love making Valentines cards with my munchkins, using red construction paper, pink glitter and the assortment of markers and crayons, its just fun!

In honor of this festive time of love and candy we are giving away a 16-piece box of Artisan Chocolates from Vita Dolce!

You can keep the box for yourself or you can give the box to a loved one! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post!

A few minor rules: one entry per person please
No entries after Midnight Pacific Time Wednesday.
Winner will be selected at random and announced here Thursday

You don’t want to miss tomorrow’s post cause even if you don’t win some chocolate you will get to see pictures of this beautiful girl and her momma!


Jennifer said...

Valentines is so much fun especially with kids

Hillary Anthony said...

I would LOVE those chocolates! They are so cute! So is your Valentine by the way, I love it too. :-)

Amber said...

Gorgeous Picture!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to enter your candy contest, although as you know I don't celebrate Valentines Day which is odd considering how much of a romantic down deep inside I am:-)

Your long time chick flick viewing partner;-)


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