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Fall in Love Workshop

Last Friday I made a trip to southern California to attend Cameron Ingalls "Fall in Love Workshop"! The whole weekend was truly a growing, learning and completely outside my comfort zone was beyond amazing! This was the first time I traveled by myself, so I was excited/nervous about it but I found traveling alone can be a fun adventure and rocking out in the car singing Taylor Swift songs without fear of judgment from others is pretty darn fun! 

I met so many wonderful people and was so inspired by Cameron and guest speaker Jose Villa that it did take me a few days of marinating in the whole event for everything to sink in! Cameron's heart and passion for photography/people/love is contagious and I walked away from the whole weekend wanting to go shoot my next engagement session, call up my couples and chat about their love and lives and submerse myself into my community utilizing my gifts as a photographer! I felt inspired and energized! Also, I can't really express how awesome it was to see first hand how Jose directs and engages people while shooting! I was pretty much in awe at his direction and how he helped the couple we were photographing completely be themselves in front of the camera! I really could go on and on about the whole weekend but I'll refrain, instead here are some of the images I took and the amazing vendors that helped make this event so great!

I took this from the plane Friday morning as it was leaving Reno, there is Mt. Rose and Lake Tahoe. It's neat how Mt Rose is actually light up with Rosy light from the sunrise!

I also made a little trip to Avila Beach where my Hubby and I stayed when we visited San Luis Obispo

The location of  the workshop, Flying Caballos Ranch

LOVE all the textures and colors! Such an amazing location!

I adore the vintage birdcage, I would have bought it if I could!

The view from the back yard, look how green it is!

Daniel and Brynn were our amazing couple, they are getting married June 20th and can I just say, they are one good looking couple!

Hair and makeup done by the fabulous Sunnie Brook and the beautiful hair accessory provided by Untamed Petals

This gorgeous bouquet provided by Adornments Flowers

Brynn is just gorgeous!

Hello yummy California sunshine!

These two images make me smile!

Other notable mentions:

I'm truly grateful for being able to atend this workshop and getting to meet and learn from such wonderful and genuine people!


Shanna Noel said...

OH FOR LOVE!!!!!!!!!! What an amazing trip!
I adore all your pictures your photography is just stunning!
P.S. I love traveling alone too!

Erin said...

AMAZING Tiffany! Great work--I am so excited to hear all about it!!!

Gabriel and Carin Photography said...

Amazing work! We both love your shots. It was great to meet you as well. We will continue to keep up with your blog! Take care.

Gabriel and Carin

holly turville said...

Wow, Tiffany!!! These are gorgeous!


Brynn Ashley said...

Thank you so much for sharing these Tiffany! You make Daniel and I look great, you really captured our personalities. The lighting is gorgeous! I'm so excited to get the disk!

a+c said...

Awesome! I want to see more and hear more when I come for a visit in March... What do you say? A date? Love you.


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