By Tiffany Detweiler - Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I’ve mentioned before that in college I majored in English Literature and even though my profession doesn’t center on English Lit. It is something that inspires me and has actually helped my creativity in how I take photos and process them.

One of my favorite literary authors is Jane Austen.
Jane Austen

It must come as no surprise, a girl who loves Jane Austen, but long before the fanfare and trendy-ness of it all I would snuggle up under my covers reading “Sense and Sensibility”, “Emma” or “Pride and Prejudice”. I delighted in the characters wit and intelligence, especially with the heroine of the story! Austen’s female characters were so diverse but they were all opinionated! Some charming, some annoying and some ridiculous but all strong and firm in their beliefs!

Now jump from the written word to the big screen and I have seen almost every Jane Austen book turned movie/mini series. I have a lot of favorites and with the movies I love, it’s the coloring that really inspires! With Austen era films, its the soft skin, the pinkish/purple tones, slightly muted colors and warm candle light glow that I adore!

When I go out to shoot a wedding or engagement session its those things I keep in the back of my mind, the softness and wit of the heroine's and the strength and passion of the men in their lives. Although the trends have changed and we no longer wear flowy gowns and top hats, every love story is timeless and classic!
We love to help tell those stories with our cameras...

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