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2010 Face Lift and a Sneak Peek

I've finally gotten around to updating our website and while I was at it I gave the whole thing a bit of a face lift! So if you feel so inclined head on over and take a look at the new diggs,!
In other news Fawn and I had a rockin Engagement session last week that I'm SUPER excited to share! Here is a little sneak peek of the fun we had with one of our awesome 2010 couples, Jenna and Greg!
More to come soon!


Gina C. said...

Great picture!! we were just in this store on Sunday!!

daelynn said...

Fawn you're so amazing! it looks great! and even if i didn't know -you.. i'd still want you to take our pictures! . i love everything about everything on here!


Anonymous said...

Super great. What a cool place for photos!!! These are awesome!!

xo- Holly

Anonymous said...

These latest pictures you have up are so great. I love the couple on the Farris wheel. There so fun and original. Nicely done!!


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