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Website Launch and a Giveaway

Times up for the giveaway! Thanks to everyone who left us a comment and make sure to check back tomorrow when we will announce who the two winners are!! 

Fawn and I are totally excited to announce that our website has launched!

We’ve been working hard on getting it just right, so hop on over and take a look! In honor of our website launching we are holding a giveaway this week! We will be giving away two $50 gift cards to! To enter the giveaway all you have to do is leave us a comment on this blog! Simple enough!

There are some rules though…

One entry per person, please

Contest will end Thursday at 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Both Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Friday.

And because every post should have a picture (or three) here is a little sneak peek at Friday's post!





Paige Green said...

i love the slow transition from splash page to site! the little birdie "wiat" thingy is too cute and the music fits perfectly!!!
well done ladies.

Chelsea Morales said...

Hey! I don't need to win the gift card (although would be nice), but I want to say I love your site and your pictures. You guys are really talented. I also love the name. :-)


Laura said...

The site looks fantastic, you guys! I am entering the giveaway. :) Love!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

LOVE these Shots!

lailophoto said...

These are some great shots. Congrats on your site.

Lisa said...

The new site is awesome! I love it!

Steve & Dea said...

You are both sweet wonderful women and I hope the Lord will bless you in your new endeavor! I just love the beautiful pictures!

a+c said...

Woo Hoo! Congrats guys. Looks great. Love. C

Deanna G. said...

Congrats on the new site! The pics on there are gorgeous! And thanks for the great giveaway :)

Sonick said...

Wow fawn, so many amazing pictures!
I had no idea what you've been up to until now. :D

I want a camera like that... haha!

Erin said...

I love the blog and LOVE the site! You guys are awesome, and I cant wait to see what God will do with your willing hearts to serve him in all that you do! Congrats my friends!!!!!

Amy Woods said...

Ok so the whole blog thing I'm really clueless with but I looked through alot of you pics. I hope this still counts for the contest. My favorite pic was pregnant Jamie with the mug on her belly and one of the pics of her looking down on it. I loved loved loved the lighting in the background of that one with the frame of the house and the pic frames on the ledge. Magnificent. I'm so glad you're continuing in what you love and are gifted to do!

Anonymous said...

good job for you two!! I am glad you can be doing something that brings you so much joy!!

Collin said...

Hey Fawn,
I want to say that I really like the site, one of the things that I really like is your link for customers to allow them to see their pictures online! I expect that this is becoming more common to do, but none-the-less these days I think it will be a big selling point and a huge convenience for customers.
The other thought I had was that you might want to standardize your contact information between your investment and connection links. I noticed that you only had your email listed in investment while just the online contact form and phone number under connection.
I'm not sure how important this is, but when I first saw the 'investment' link I thought you were looking for investors in your business... You might consider possibly renaming that link. Investment definitely sounds more refined than say 'packages' but my mindset is generally one that web pages should be easy to access and understand. That being said I don't think it's a big deal. Just something to note.
Finally, your pictures are dynamite! Especially some of the ones you guys took on your workshop. Over all I think one of your most successful pictures is the 10th one shown under the Pure Personality Gallery. I feel like it really frames the subject and gives it a feeling of nostalgia. I wish I had a picture like that of my childhood home.
Over all you guys are doing really great work and I'm excited to see what else you'll do in the future! I hope my comments help.

Your Brother in Christ,

Anthony said...

Nice shots, and congratulations on your new website!

Melissa Vossler said...

love the new site ladies!!! it looks great, and I look forward to meeting one of these days :)

Kari said...

Great site, guys! I love recognizing some of the spots around Reno and seeing how you've transformed them to bring out the beauty of the people you're photographing. Beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

May God Bless your new business. You're both wonderful photographers. Interesting pics, new angles, awesome pics. Thanks for all you do. Enter me in the contest too.



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