Spring Has Arrived

By Tiffany Detweiler - Saturday, March 21, 2009

In honor of it being the first day of spring, here are a few pictures I snapped while in San Francisco a few weekends ago.


I’m SO excited its spring, not that it really matters what it is officially…here in Reno winter and summer will have a tug o’war till around the end of May when summer will win! Just knowing that warm weather is on the horizon & watching everything come back to life & bloom fills me with such joy! I’m totally a summer person, I love the warmth, the sunshine, the green trees and birds chirping…all of it is my favorite! When it comes to winter I’m a big baby, a big whiny baby! I just hate the cold!
SO, Yay for spring and YAY for blooming flowers! Also as an added bonus if you would like to make your desktop all springish you can download the high-resolution image of the picture I’ve posted below! It’s yours to do with as you will, enjoy!


Download High-resolution image here

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