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Pretty Country

I've only been living in Connecticut for 6 months so I'm still in "tourist" mode when driving around and exploring. While in Branford, CT this past weekend I just kept thinking, "Dang! its pretty!" Also, "I wish my yard looked like this!"
Branford CT -0550
Check out this house that is practically in the water! I was totally intrigued by it and wanted to row a boat up to their front door and see if they would let me inside to look around! Could you imagine waking up with their view!?! Just gorgeous!
Branford CT -0698
one more, as the sun was setting...
Branford CT -0683
Pretty! Right!?!

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Boogie said...

omg, not sketchy at all! Wow, only boat to home I suppose,, a garage for the boat. Is that the ocean? wow


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