Dinner and a Movie : Gluten Free Edition

By Tiffany Detweiler - Friday, June 24, 2011

I'm not someone you would call a "Foodie" but I do enjoy cooking and...well, eating! Cooking is just another creative outlet for me and I actually find it pretty relaxing. I like to utilize others recipes but I also like coming up with my own! According to James I have a high success rate when improvising, the meals turn out yummy! Yummy enough that I thought I would start sharing them here! Since James and I enjoy watching movies with dinner I'll also share some of my favorites to enjoy along with the meal!

Since its now officially summer I tend to make things that are on the lighter side, a lot of Salads, Veggie dishes, and Pasta's. For some reason when its hot out I just don't have that big of an appetite and fresh fruits and veggies always sound yummy in the summer months! Here is a really simple recipe that can be tweaked to suit your personal tastes. I don't eat entirely Gluten Free but many of my friends do, this recipe is easy and if you stay away from gluten's it might be a good one to try!

Lemon-Honey and Tarragon Chicken
dinner and a movie, Lemon-Honey and Tarragon Chicken
1 1/3 Cup Chicken Stock
1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
1/4 TSP salt
1/4 TSP Pepper
1 TSP Tarragon
1/4 Cup of Honey
1 TBS Cornstarch
1/4 Cup of water
4 Chicken Breasts
dinner and a movie, Lemon-Honey and Tarragon Chicken
Combine chicken stock, lemon juice, salt, pepper and tarragon in a sauce pan over medium heat.
When the mixture starts to bubble add in the honey and stir together well.
let the mixture bubble for about 10min. this will help it cook down some. Don't let the sauce reach a rapid boil so keep your eye on it. While the liquid is cooking down mix together the 1/4 cup of water and cornstarch.
Add the cornstarch mixture to the liquid and stir rapidly. *If you want the sauce to be thicker you could add more cornstarch but I liked it thin*
Place the 4 chicken breasts in a baking dish and pour half of the sauce over the chicken.
cover the baking dish tightly with aluminum foil.
Bake chicken at 375 for 30-40 minutes (Depending on how thick the chicken breasts are. If need be use a meat thermometer to check the chicken).
Let the chicken rest for about 5 minuets before slicing and plating it. Use the reserved sauce and spoon on sliced chicken for each serving. I served the chicken with Quinoa and steamed veggies. the outcome was a very light meal that was sweet and tangy! I think this would also be a great sauce to cook down even further and drizzle over cornbread! Also, I think this would be tasty with grilled chicken!
And keeping with the summer theme, one of my favorite summer movies to watch, Ferris Bullers Day Off
"Ferris Bueller, you're my hero." 
The music may not have been great during the 80's but I sure do love the movies!

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