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Anna and Dillon - Lake Tahoe Paradise Park, CA

Anna and Dillon's wedding was, perfection! Truly and honestly, perfection! I loved everything about it, the details, the colors, the location, the dress and most of all Anna and Dillon celebrating this new chapter in their lives with family and friends! Fawn and I were so honored to be apart of such a fun and love filled event! I was having a hard time narrowing down the images to blog because I really just love them ALL, so if it seems like there are a lot its because there are! HA!

Anna, you are stunning! Absolutely stunning!,

Dillon cleans up nicely himself!
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC

Look at this tree, its breathtaking!

Utilizing pine cones was perfect!
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC

Truth be told I don't know what is going on in this picture but I Love it to pieces! My interpretation is, Anna is smok'n hot and Dillon is saying "Whoooo...she looks good!"
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC
Pure Photography LLC


We were having fun with this old phone booth!

Pure Photography LLC

Anna and Dillon, we guys look SO good! Hot Hot Hot!

Perfect wedding, perfect couple and we loved being apart of it!

Noteworthy mentions: Amazing flowers done by Thrans Flowers
Cupcakes Provided by Sibby's Cupcakery
Catering Provided by Blue Angel Cafe
DJ and Master of ceremonies Matthew Allen Weddings and Events
Entertainment Action Flipbooks


Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC pictures. They all look great and perfectly capture the mood of the wedding- amazing!
Great job

Julie said...

What a beautiful and joyous wedding these photos capture! Anna looks a bit like Kate Winslet in some shots.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE EVERY picture! My two favorites are the WHOOO...picture (I like Anna's expression too!)and the picture of the dress hanging in the tree. Every detail shows...the placecards put in the old window (fantastic idea), the cupcakes (WOW!), and the adorable purple shoes...SO FUN! These pictures captured memories to last a lifetime...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures.

Anna said...

Dillon and I both love all the pictures! They are perfect! I loved seeing the pictures of Dillon taken before the wedding! He looks so handsome!

Anonymous said...

As the father of the bride I must say that you made my daughters beauty sparkle. You captured her very special day and she shines in each and every picture. Dillon is a lucky man!
Take care of her Dillon!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing more pics and making some purchases!!


Anonymous said...

How will this all turn out?
We need to wait and see ....
He does!
She does!
They do!

Anna and Dillon
It was meant to be!!
July 10, 2010

Anonymous said...


You look beautiful and so happy! Great pics...great memories!


Ronny Varghese said...

Those pics are sexy! Congrats to both of you guys and your photographer did a great job;) Mel and I both decided that all things considered, you guys win "Wedding of the Year" award:) 9 weddings this year, so its quite an accomplishment!

Mary said...

Hi Anna & Dillon,
I've never met you but just saw your pictures and they are lovely! Congratulations on your new life together - may you always be as happy as you were on your special day.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! What great pictures and even better memories. You'll have both forever! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dillon and Anna!!! The wedding looked so much fun. The pictures are gorgeous.

Kolin said...

These pics are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! Course, the subject matter was great to begin with! You two look AWESOME in these pics. Love the black and whites and sepia-toned ones. AND, the use of the pinecones was INGENIOUS and made for BEAUTIFUL decorations! MOST excellent idea......

Kolin Nielsen

Anonymous said...

These pictures are truly amazing!! I love every one of them. Beautiful wedding, design, theme, and people. It was like looking at story book or clips from a romantic movie. Congratulations Anna and Dillon!


Dillon said...

My wife is hot! What a perfect day it was.

Ashley said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the pictures of everyone dancing..its shows that everyone had a awesome time!

Jenna said...

What a BEAUTIFUL day it was...your photographer did a great job capturing your day. Congrats Anna and Dillon we are so happy for you.

Jenna and Mark

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderfull wedding and reception, Jason and I were honored to be invited to share in your special day. I want your photographers number for mine:) And anna you are hired as my planner by the way, you did an amazing job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love the pictures. The wedding looked so amazing. I loved the cupcakes, super cute.
Congrats, Danielle

Anonymous said...

i love all the wedding details. The dress, shoes, pinecones...what pretty colors

Damiana said...

Anna & Dillon~

The pictures are a beautiful reminder of a beautiful day. Thank you for inviting me to share in your joy and for the opportunity to meet your lovely families.


Anonymous said...

WoW the pictures look great,you had a nice wedding!!!! Love Valentina:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Anna and Dillan I love the pic u guys look gorges together. Vera

Anonymous said...

This day was what I always dreamed it would be! Tiffany and Fawn did an amazing job with the photos...just what I pictured! I think about this day everyday and it makes me smile :)

-Ms. Stemberger


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