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Please forgive my absence! I've been a busy little bee around here, its true, wedding season is in full swing! Well there is so much I want to share and images from all our sessions that I can't wait to post but in the mean time I wanted to do a quick blog about our website,

Fawn and I use a ridiculously awesome program called Showit to build our website and make it 100% unique! Its amazing, I love it and I'll be a customer of theirs for the rest of my life! They have recently just released an upgrade that allows its users to create mobile websites! This means that everyone who surfs the internet with their mobile device can now swing by our site! YAY!
Its true and I don't make any claims other wise, I am an iPhone addict! I'm constantly surfing the web, replying to e-mails, texting (playing Words with Friends, Tiffany_D is my name if you want to play a game!) and watching You tube! Its perfect, I use it for business and I use it for entertainment! I'm so excited that our website is now available for all the other iPhone/Smart phone addicts out there! Here are a few snapshots of the mobile site from my phone...




How fun is that! Happy Monday friends!

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Anonymous said...

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