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I'm a visual person, so even though something can be described brilliantly I still LOVE seeing pictures or illustrations of it! Because of this I completely understand when people ask to see what our wedding albums look like instead of just having me describe them! Since we love taking pictures that tell a story we wanted to compile those pictures in a story book format. So our albums are designed to look and feel like a book, a book containing part of your love story!

Your book is custom designed by me and we offer a handful of vintage book cover options. Like most traditional books there is a beginning, middle and end. So, I choose images from your wedding day that help tell the story in chronological order. The images are a combination of portraits, candid shots and details spanning the whole day!

One of my favorite features is the lay-flat pages!

And you can either leave your book out on your coffee table for guests to look through or you can store it in a simple yet lovely archival box!

Everyone's love story deserves to be documented and preserved so years from now you can share it with your grandchildren!


Laura said...

BEEEEEEEautiful. You ladies do great work!! <3

Dominoe Imus said...

Really pretty albums, I like them a lot. Great design!

KMarshall said...

Hi Tiffany,
Thanks for featuring our album!! I was just checking out the blog and saw this surprise! We love, love, LOVE our photo book...we've shared it with so many of our friends and family,and love that the memories of that day and night are in one beautiful book. THANK YOU!


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