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Miss Mary Jane - Pure Fun

I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Mary Jane

She is a beautiful girl inside and out! I’ve known her for years because her older sister (Coral) and I are BFF’s! Not only is this gal GORGEOUS but she is also one smart cookie and is flying through school, she will be starting the Nursing Program at UNR this coming spring!

I, along with Shelly Lemaire (another Fabulous photographer) had the honor of hanging out and photographing Mary Jane this past week. We had fun strolling around Downtown Reno, taking pictures, meeting interesting people and being creative! It was very refreshing for me to get away from the computer and do what I love, take pictures!



a+c said...

I love it! These are amazing. You did such a good job and she said that she had so much fun!!! I can't wait for you to take my pictures.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

amazing.. you had a beautiful model .. but. those looked like they should have been in a magazine.. a really good, nice, respectable magazine.
i loved the locations. the colors. the looks. you guys are good. real good.

Stephanie said...

Gosh! She is a great model, and you guys are great photoghraphers! I love these pictures!Very indrustrial and modern and metropolitan!right on!


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