Phonetography - San Luis Obispo Edition

By Tiffany Detweiler - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Coming back from vacation is always SO difficult, especially when you have a nice and relaxing vacation like I had! The hubby and I came back to reality Sunday afternoon and although I was sad to have the adventure end and leave the beautiful California coast I was SO happy to see my little munchkins! Next time we go to the coast I hope to take them with us, they would have a blast!
Part of the reason I was so looking forward to this trip was because I LOVE doing landscape photography and I was so excited to do some photography that wasn't work related but it didn't quite work out as I had see...I remembered to pack my camera bag but completely forgot my Shootsac that had all my lenses in it! For about 5 seconds I was totally devastated but then I remembered I had also brought along my mother-in-laws old school Canon film camera and I had plenty of film!
I also had my iphone which takes great pictures, for being a phone camera! You will have to wait awhile for the film images but here are a few of the pictures off my phone! We stay in Avila Beach and it was gorgeous!

Avila Pier in the early morning

The Hubby and I enjoyed all kinds of yummy food, this was at breakfast at the Custom House

I had a veggie fritatta which was SO good!

This picture was taken our last night there, we got to witness an amazing sunset! I have a few digital images of this sunset so I'll be sure to share those soon. Really words can't describe how beautiful that evening was!

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