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Hola Images - Pure Film Love

Today, I want to share some of my film images that I shot with my Holga! Shooting digitally provides that instant gratification and the ability to redo a shot if you want yet it lacks that charm and anticipation that film offers! Don't get me wrong, I love shooting digital...the sky's the limit on shooting RAW images and being able to process them in Photoshop and do whatever I want but it is SO exciting dropping off film and waiting to get it back to see the results! Its also a great training tool, shooting with film, since you only get one shot at composing your image! So far I've found that I like shooting with Black and White film best and I just adore the super vignetted-vintage look of the prints! These images are seriously straight out of the camera, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

really like these shots. I think the last one is really interesting to me. Great job

Courtney Wilson said...

Lovely! So great to get back to the basics!

Erin Venters said...

LOVE THEM oh Holga Master!!! I can't wait to develop my holga film!!! You inspire me Tiffany!!!! Great work!


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