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Aaron and Jen - Galena Creek Park - Pure Love

Fawn and I had the extreme pleasure of working with Katie Watkins a few weeks back to photograph Aaron and Jen's big day! The weather was a little bit unpredictable with wind, rain, sunshine and more rain but the weather certainly didn't put a damper on any ones mood. It was a love and joy filled event as Aaron and Jen committed their lives to one another before their friends and family!
Here are some of the highlights from the day!

Jen's mom was her Maid of Honor and they had such a special bond and was a treat to watch them with each other!

both families were SO happy for Aaron and Jen, the love and happiness was contagious!





Aaron and Jen hired a dance instructor to teach everyone at the reception a dance number! So fun!

and everyone danced the night away!


Christie Mumm said...

BEAUTIFUL work Tiffany and Fawn, I love the backlight in that last dancig shot, and the "lensbaby" stuff is really great, you will have to share that trick with me sometime, as always, you captured this wedding so perfectly!!

Courtney Wilson said...

Beautifully done!


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