Ben and Julie's Wedding-Pure Love

By Tiffany Detweiler - Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I have to admit that there were more than a few times I teared up at this wedding, the love that enveloped Ben and Julie was almost overwhelming! Not only were Ben and Julie thrilled to be joined together in marriage but their family and friends were also so very happy and excited for them! For me, being apart of an event that is so joyful and so filled with love makes me feel blessed to do what I do! To document the beginning of their lives together and also to capture their family and friends lifting them up and sharing in the joy is such an awesome experience! Thank you Ben and Julie for having Fawn and I be apart of your commitment to one another and you guys totally put on an awesome party!
Reading notes to one another before saying "I Do"
Stunning Bride!
The guys took a moment to lift Ben and Julie up in prayer
Moments before her dad walked her down the aisle!
Husband and Wife!
This picture has got a lot of motion blur to it but I Love it...this was after we did all the family pictures and they were running off together to have a moment to themselves!
Remnants of a fun party
Okay, I totally teared up at the Father/Daughter dance!
LOVE this Garter toss picture, those guys were totally into it!
and the winner!
These guys were having lots of fun!

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