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Kathleen-Pure Fun

Recently, an old friend of my husband's came to visit Mike & I in Reno! Her name is Kathleen, and she’s originally from Germany, but is now living in Arizona. My husband originally met Kathleen in Germany while touring with his musical/singing/dancing group called “Up With People.” Her family were one of the many awesome host families that my husband got to stay with & meet while traveling. It’s been nearly a decade now, and they’ve remained friends this long! And now... I have the awesome privilege of being friends too with such a sweet person! We had a marvelous weekend- hanging out with friends, eating sushi and showing Kathleen the sights of Reno and Lake Tahoe. We even stepped away from it all and took some pictures of Kathleen in the desert! See how much fun we can be?! Enjoy! :)


shp photography said...

Stumbling through the blogosphere and found your blog which is awesome I must say! Love these shots:)
xo sarah

Photography by Eden said...

I love the last one!


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