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Her First Year

Tomorrow my baby girl is turning 1! I can't believe how fast this first year with her has gone by, I've watched her grow and change so much over these past 12 months and I'm excited to watch her grown and learn as the years continue! She is my little cuddle bug, so full of joy and Drama! I love you to pieces K-bear Happy Birthday!


Christie Mumm said...

what a sweetie, she has a sparkling beautiful smile!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved your video tribute to your little girl. It was really beautiful and really touched my heart. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and yours have really spoken to me. thank you for sharing her with us:-)

Kelly said...

Wow Tiff, that was really really good. I loved the timing of the picture changes. Nice work. Made me want to cry! How many times did it take for you to watch it and not cry?


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