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By Tiffany Detweiler - Thursday, April 30, 2009

 I wanted to share this with everyone because it has been pressing on my heart very much and I think this pressing on my heart is God wanting me to share this opportunity to help a little boy whatever way I can!
Cameron Ingalls is an amazing photographer and I’ve been a long time admirer of his work and I’m a faithful blog stalker (I’m slowly getting better at leaving blog comments)! When he told the story of Daniel, Halle and their little boy Jackson and how he had been born with a rare syndrome called “Simpson Golabi Behmel” as well as a cleft lip and palate. My heart went out to the family; I can’t even begin to comprehend all that Daniel and Halle have had to endure…emotionally, physically and mentally. As a mother of two I know the intense love and bond you have with your child before their even born, all you want is for them to be happy and healthy! I don’t know Daniel and Halle but I know they LOVE their son Jackson and I know that they would do everything in their power to keep him happy and healthy! 
Cameron has started a really awesome project to help out his friends and their adorable little boy, Its called Jackson’s Smile and I really encourage you all to click the link and read more about how you can help! Essentially, some truly amazing photographers have donated some of their artwork to Cameron to sell as prints to raise funds for Jackson and all his costly medical expenses. Its truly a win win for everyone involved because not only would you be helping raise funds for Jackson but also you’ll have some amazing art work for your home or office! 
I purchased this photo a few months ago, this is a Jose Villa Print and every time I walk by this picture I’m reminded of Jackson and his family and I take a second to pray for them. I hope you all take a moment to read their story and help in whatever way you can!

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